The TDM Foundation Exists to Scale Social Impact

We support organisations creating a ‘fairer’ and ‘better’ Australia.

Hearts and Minds (ASX: HM1)

Using portfolio management to save lives

Day of AI

Preparing Australian students for an AI-powered future

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medicine (WEHI)

An innovative medical research institute that engages and enriches society

Future IM/Pact

Advocating for and accelerating diversity in the investment industry.

Baker Institute

Taking on the challenge of heart disease and diabetes.

CS In Schools

Helping teachers teach coding for free.

Our Sweet Spot –
The Role We Play & the Criteria We Look For.

Scaled funding, from major private donors or government, is often difficult for these early stage impact organisations due to the inability to prove their impact per dollar. That’s where we come in.

As a foundation, we have a responsibility to usher the next generation of social impact organisations from early stages to ready to scale. We partner with early stage organisations who have a clear line of sight to scale. These organisations tend to be paving the way with new and novel approaches to big problems.

The TDM Foundation criteria for partnership includes:

We look for organisations who are filled with changemakers.

Changemakers are leaders who can be found tackling core societal challenges. They create a distinct culture within the organisation surrounding a cause.

This type of leader has deep understanding of a problem and its solutions based on experience at the grassroots. They are specifically well suited to scale their organisation by creating organisational structures with high emphasis on autonomy.


Modern problems need novel solutions.

We are looking for organisations bringing new thinking to society’s most difficult challenges.

Our role, as a foundation, is to fast track innovation and help untested big ideas develop into proven organisations who can easily attract large scale funding.

We support these organisations scale by offering consistent funding, as well as offer guidance on impact  measurement.

Big problems can only be solved with big solutions. We look to support organisations who desire to scale.

We view scale through the lens of the number of people who will impacted, how deeply they are impacted, and the ultimate societal benefits of the work. 

This criteria is only possible with clear and consistent measurement – you can not scale without understanding what metrics you need to move.

The common challenge for early stage social impact is what is necessary to access large scale, sustainable funding, which typically looks like government, sustainable commerce, or major NGOs.

How We Help

Our approach to helping our social impact partners is aligned to how we help our investment portfolio companies; we are highly active with a concentrated number of partners, focused on building long-term growth.

On the journey to achieving this, here are a few common ways we show our support:

As well as providing direct philanthropic funding of various duration, we can offer a range of tailored capital options for our partners.

Working through the TDM Foundation, the wider TDM team and our diverse network, we offer a range of capability and expertise for our partners to draw on.

We work closely with other thought leaders in the industry and share our learnings.

We always look to collaborate with partners to expand and amplify our impact and bring a greater range of skills to bear on problems we are collectively trying to solve.

As people and culture investors, TDM Growth Partners’ offers a vast array of learnings to assist our partners to develop their own great people and culture.

Our Impact Track Record

Impact is our proxy for earnings. This report is a deep dive into our partner organisations: their impact, progress and challenges.

Our work has attracted our partner network to additionally donate nearly double our original grant amounts. We have donated $4.7M since inception across 13 initiatives.


Theory of Change


Theory of Change

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