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"The TDM value Passion and Perseverance resonates strongly with me. To me, it means having the strength to overcome challenges and reach goals over extended periods of time."

Gezelle De Ocampo

Operations Team

"As the saying goes, 'Two heads are better than one.' The TDM value Hunt as a Pack is aligned to my core value that achieving my goals and dreams is only possible when I am helping others do the same."

Janice Butalid

Operations Team

How We Give Back To The Community

We have donated $4.7M since inception across 13 initiatives. Our work has attracted our partner network to additionally donate nearly double our original grant amounts.

Patience With Urgency

We measure success in years and decades not weeks and months.

We Are Owners

We think like owners, whether it is in the companies we invest in or our own business.

Passion & Perseverance

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done with passion.

Wear The Yellow Hat

Our yellow hat is a symbol of psychological safety. It rouses our courage to think differently, speak vulnerably and ask the ‘stupid question’.

Hunt As A Pack

TDM is a team sport. We thrive in connection, communication, and hyper-collaboration.

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